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Did you know...?

As of the latest census data, there were approximately 2,900 Veterans living in Jackson County, West Virginia?

That number means that 1 of every 10 Jackson County residents has served in one or more branches of our military. We are a patriotic county indeed!!

Operation Jackson County Veterans Inc.’s mission is to support, encourage, and honor the Veterans of Jackson County, West Virginia.

I wish that I could say we had excellent resources in Jackson County for our many Veterans, but we don’t. Operation Jackson County Veterans is trying to fix that! We want to support and encourage our local Veterans in any way that they need whether it be Education, Jobs, Support, bringing VA services closer, or simply to sit down and visit with them.

We are currently canvasing our county, looking for Veterans as well as those who support them and determining what the largest needs are so we can tackle those first. Our organization needs our Veterans and our Community to help make Operation Jackson County Veterans a success not only for our generation but to ensure that it is around for generations to come.

Would you consider helping us? We need to not only spread the word about our mission but also to raise funds to get our programs started. If you would like to help us financially with a donation of $50, $100, $250, $1,000 or more, please send a check made out to the organization at the address below.

We are working with the West Virginia Department of Veteran’s Assistance in relation to the Mountain State 22 program. This programs purpose is to highlight issues that prompt suicide among Veterans and to reduce the number of Veteran suicides in the Mountain State. It is our honor and privilege to be one of the first three communities working with this program. The work we do here will help other counties develop similar programs.

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